Flange Facing
From a centre up to 5 metres diameter this also includes ring grooves, joint faces, 'O' ring seals, and raised face flanges with machining finishes to customers requirements.
Line Boring
Up to 3 metres diameter I.D. by 12 metres long (one setting). O.S.M. have one of the largest Boring bars for insitu work and use laser and optical alighnment equipment for accuracy.
Insitu Milling
This includes the cutting of keyways, milling of motor pump beds, turbine casings, and steel works rolling mills to any length and width.
Pipe Cutting
From 25mm N.B. up to 3 metres diameter and to any wall thickness. A weld preparation can be machined to any angle required.
Shaft Turning
From 50mm up to 2 metres diameter using orbital machines and larger diameters if the workpiece is rotatable. This also includes ground finishes and the machining of crank shafts (in position) for the marine industry.
Stud Removal
Boring out studs of any diameter and depth insitu.
Full range of portable drilling machines for insitu drilling and tapping.
On-Site Machining